MMC Green Technology was established in 2010 as a spin off in the MMC group of companies. The mission was to establish a company focusing on environmental protective solutions for the maritime industry, the upcoming BWM convention and MMCs experience from water treatment systems was the main reason for the timing.

MMC Green Technology consists of employees with very long experience from several other companies in the Norwegian Maritime Cluster. By knowledge about the high demands in maritime operations we aim to give our customers the best service at all time.

Dedicated and trustworthy, based on feedback and focused on results!



NORWAY, home for a tiny 0,1% of the world’s population, controls over 5% of the world’s merchant fleet and has the second largest offshore fleet in the world, after USA!

A desire to travel and utilization of natural resources in a harsh environment have developed this maritime cluster into one of the strongest and most innovative clusters in the world, especially within offshore and fishing. The strength of the cluster lies within the many participants in all segments of the value chain – from shipowners to ship equipment suppliers.

  • 14 design companies
  • 14 ship yards
  • 18 ship-owner companies
  • 172 equipment suppliers
  • 22.500 employees
  • 40% of the world’s modern fleet
    = ONE World-class maritime cluster